Different Types Of Korean Masks

by Elle Mickel January 19, 2022

Different Types Of Korean Masks

Today’s Topic: Face Masks. 

No need to be triggered!  We promise we aren’t talking about covid masks.
Today we can leave those masks firmly off (our minds anyway) and instead talk about the different types of Korean Face Masks available. Sound like a plan? 
From sheet masks that give you a 15 minute facial to sleeping masks that work while you sleep there are face masks for all skin types and skin concerns. 

Sheet Masks

One of the first K-Beauty products to blow up world wide…and simultaneously blow our husband’s minds, was the sheet mask. These single use masks come pre coated in serums and essences which deliver deliciously hydrated skin. Sheet Masks are the ultimate hack for glowy skin. 
In fact, the results are so immediate it wasn’t long before our partners were getting #sheetfaced with us… Curled up on the couch together watching Netfix and giving off big Phantom Of The Opera vibes….or Hannibal Lecter. Depends on who you ask. 
The sheet mask itself works by creating an “occlusive barrier”. This basically means it sits on top of your face and physically seals in the ingredients it contains. This constant contact with your skin allows it to effectively absorb the ingredients contained in the mask - leaving you with dewy, glowing, hydrated skin. 
As with all Kbeauty there are sheet masks to satisfy every skin need: dry, dull, pigmentation - the list is endless. They are also awesome to travel with, super cost effective and you literally can’t use them too often. Most of these masks are made soft and gentle enough for everyday use.
One thing we will flag though is the environmental cost of using a single use item too often (most of them come in a plastic packet and have non-biodegradable inserts). These days we use our sheet masks as a special luxe treatment that we only do from time to time. 
Having said this, Kbeauty is turning more and more to sustainable options so hopefully in the future we can see awesome environmentally friendly sheet masks readily available. Watch this space. 

Clay Masks

Another big one that you’ve probably seen trending on Instagram and Tik Tok and all over Subi’s socials (hello Holo Dream). Clay masks are formulated with minerals and vitamins which detoxify and purify your skin. They are designed to be popped on after you cleanse your face and then left on for about five to ten minutes before being washed off. Many are known for their ability to purify the skin and absorb excess oil and sebum from the face. 
SIDE NOTE: We LOVE our clay masks and they work wonders for acne prone skin, oily skin and those with big pores HOWEVER we have noticed that there is a tendency to leave them on too long. We totally understand why some people might be tempted to leave them for 20 - 30 minutes (the longer the better right?) but this is not the case. You really don’t want the masks to be drying and cracking on your face, this is only causing your skin to dry out and will potentially irritate the skin's barrier. Know that these little babies are designed for 5-10 minute use and if you want to get content…get it quick! 

Sleeping Masks  


Probably the least common of the masks, sleeping masks are not to be underestimated, after all, who doesn’t love a product that works while you sleep? Replacing the regular old night creams loved in days of old, sleeping masks are a hybrid between a night cream and a sheet mask. Designed to be used about 30 minutes before you go to bed, these masks make the most of your nightly skin cell turnover and leave you waking up with bouncy, plump and oh so hydrated skin. 

Hydrogel Eye Mask 

Kbeauty has perfected the hydrogel eye mask to deliver deep moisture to the most sensitive and delicate part of your skin - your under eyes! You’ve probably seen people use these in video’s and reels. They are made from a soft silicon or cotton pad that you place underneath your eyes and then gently peel off. Korean beauty hydrogel eye masks come in gentle, non-irritating formulas that are perfect for all skin types.

Lip Mask

Korean lip masks deliver a hit of moisture directly to dry, chapped lips. They're perfect to use at night before bed and during winter to stave off dry, patchy and flaking lips. Just like the Eye Masks they are often made from silicon and sit on the lips for 10 – 20 minutes. These are perfect to do before a night out when you want lips super juicy and your lipstick glowing.
There are so many different Korean Face Masks to choose from and there is one for every occasion. We love our Holo Dream Pore Minimising Mask because it clears away impurities, is easy to remove, doesn’t take much time and leaves you with glowing, beautiful skin.

Elle Mickel
Elle Mickel

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