Perfect Pimple Patch


You sure can! In fact, why would you risk letting a pimple ruin your trip?!

Perfect Pimple Patch contains no liquids, so pack as many as you like.


It’s a “dry” product so it doesn’t really expire. However, to get the most of your patches, please keep them stored in a cool, dry place.


Pimples with heads. You know, the really gross ones that look like they’re about to burst. The ones with white pus? Whack a Patch on one of those bad boys and prepare to say goodbye.



You and BB can use Perfect Pimple Patch safely.


Uh, uh honey.

No picking, no touching, no irritating, no scarring allowed.

Patch it!



It contains hydrocolloid, which is used in hospitals as a wound dressing.

This makes Perfect Pimple Patch perfect for people with sensitive skin.


Like magic. No, seriously. Just pop a patch over an active blemish (a pimple with a head) and it will suck the pus out for you!

For best results, leave your patch on overnight or change it when the middle of the patch turns white.

Perfect Pimple Patch makes pimples heal faster and reduces the risk of acne scarring. It also reduces the spread of germs and bacteria by acting as a protective barrier, meaning you’re less likely to get secondary pimples.

Like we said, magic!



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Yes! We have samples of our Holo Dream Face Mask, which we send out for free with all our orders.

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What kind of beasts do you take us for?

That’s a no from us.

Not ever. Like, ever ever.


We charge a minimal fee for shipping, which only covers a portion of the costs we get charged.

This is because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your favourite Subi products!

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